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SIMION & BACIU welcomes Roxana Rizoiu as Director of Knowledge Management and Professional Development

30 August 2023   |   BizLawyer

A PhD in Legal Sciences and head of the Human Rights chair at the National Institute of Magistracy, Roxana has participated, in the last 15 years, in the initial and continuous training of magistrates, judges and prosecutors, in various fields.


SIMION & BACIU has announced the expansion of its Business Services team with the addition of Roxana Rizoiu as Director of Knowledge Management and Professional Development.A PhD in Legal Sciences and head of the Human Rights chair at the National Institute of Magistracy, Roxana has participated, in the last 15 years, in the initial and continuous training of magistrates, judges and prosecutors, in various fields.

Accessing the relevant pieces of information that are essential for the SIMION & BACIU team to provide the legal assistance and representation in the best way possible is instrumental to achieving the high-class client services we have been associated with since the firm was founded. Thus, the addition of a highly reputable professional such as Roxana Rizoiu to craft and coordinate the firm’s initiatives in the fields of knowledge management and continuous professional education was a perfectly matching step in the SIMION & BACIU’s strategic development, with the firm carefully balancing its resources for a maxim impact to reach its business objectives, and ultimately, its vision.

In her role at SIMION & BACIU, Roxana will oversee the management and efficient use of the firm’s knowledge assets, as well as the design and implementation of formal procedures and related instruments for the collection and cataloguing of automated forms, documents, and relevant jurisprudence, also creating the processes through which knowledge is captured, categorized and disseminated within the firm.

In addition, Roxana’s activity will include designing the professional training program of the firm aimed at boosting the continuous professional development and education of our lawyers, according to their individual or team required level and in conjunction with SIMION & BACIU’s organizational culture.

Our vision at SIMION & BACIU is to bring our contribution to a prosperous world and a risk-free way of doing business. In doing so, we welcome professional challenges with the understanding that continuously preparing ourselves for the vastity of work scenarios that might be encountered along the way is of essence to bring our vision to life. In this spirit, it is with great pleasure that we welcome Roxana in our team. Her exceptional and multi-angle expertise will be instrumental for increasing the efficiency of our engagements as, in our view, a smart, non-complex, self-service interaction of lawyers with the knowledge assets available in a law firm is crucial for a subsequent memorable client experience”, mentioned Cosmina Maria Simion, Managing Partner at SIMION & BACIU.

Creative use of resources, collaborative interaction and multiple-directions sharing – these are the key pillars that define the knowledge management and professional development program we envisage for the SIMION & BACIU team. With Roxana’s support we will continue to encourage and champion the use of existing and to-be-acquired knowledge at all levels and by each member of our team. Channelling resources to put this into practice gives us confidence that our work philosophy will be even more visible in all our activities and will continue to generate clear, easily actionable flow of insights and knowledge toward our client and business partners. Welcome, Roxana, we are very proud to have you in our team!”, stated Ana-Maria Baciu, Managing Partner at SIMION & BACIU.

Roxana’s addition to the Business Services team of SIMION & BACIU is part of the firm’s strategy to complement its pool of talented lawyers and counsellors with highly reputable business services professionals that have a strong acknowledgement on the Romanian business law market.

About Roxana Rizoiu:

PhD in Legal Sciences and head of the Human Rights chair at the National Institute of Magistracy, Roxana has participated, in the last 15 years, in the initial and continuous training of magistrates, judges and prosecutors, in various fields such as European Convention on Human Rights, Non-Legal Skills, Judgecraft and Foreign Languages, while being elected for five mandates in the Scientific Board of the Institute.

In recent years, education sciences have been an area of interest for Roxana, as she has participated in numerous trainings in this field, focusing on adult education and mentoring. Her extensive expertise in the professional development and knowledge management fields is also acknowledged by her coordination role in relation to the participation of several teams of National Institute of Magistracy auditors at the Themis European competition of magistracy schools, two of which won the first prize.

During her career, Roxana was, on two mandates, the Government Agent of Romania before the European Court of Human Rights, coordinating the team defending the Government before this international court, participating in the hearings in Strasbourg and working with the various institutions to adopt legislative changes leading to a better protection of human rights.

Roxana was a member of the team that won the 1st Prize of the Renné Cassin international competition on human rights and the Prize of the Human Rights Institute (Strasbourg, 1996).


A law firm that brings a different approach to legal services and independently acclaimed client service, SIMION & BACIU is a reference on the Romanian business law market, with a strong propensity toward offering legal services with strong regulatory content.

We are a team of over 25 professionals that provides a tailored relationship model to clients and business partners. We operate based on a consulting-litigation matrix structure, with main areas of practice including Intellectual Property, Consumer Protection & Advertising and Data Privacy, Gaming and Gambling regulatory, Technology & Media, Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Pharmaceutical/Medical regulatory and Disputes Resolution.

SIMION & BACIU and members of its team are active in third-party professional organizations such as AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce in Romania), INTA (International Trademark Association), ECTA (European Communities Trademark Association), IMGL (International Masters of Gaming Law), and Concordia (Employers' Confederation) , thus, being permanently connected to the evolution and trends of the Romanian and international business and legal environment.

Members of our team are independently acknowledged by reputable international directories including Legal 500, Chambers and Partners, Managing IP, Who’sWho Legal and WTR 1000.

Our growing reputation is reconfirmed by international and domestic distinctions, including:

  • Recognition as a Leading Firm by the leading British publication Legal500, since the establishment of our firm, in 2019
  • Recognition as a leading firm by Chambers and Partners, one of the most prestigious publication evaluating the activity of law firms across over 200 jurisdictions
  • Law Firm of the Year in Romania distinction awarded by Managing IP (2021, 2022 and 2023)
  • Recognition as a Top Firm by IP STARS (2020, 2021, 2022), Trademark Firm of the Year in Romania at the IP Global Awards (2022), Recommended by IAM Patent 1000 (2023) and Gold-band by WTR (2023)






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